You’re a BRIDE, you must be super excited! Putting together everything for the big day can be overwhelming so it’s time to lay back and enjoy yourself a bit. We all love a little pampering and seeing yourself with your dream makeup and hair is definitely a pleasant part of organizing a wedding. With this simple guide your makeup and hair trial will be fun and relaxing.

Show me your inspirational pictures

Bringing pictures of your dress, flowers, or even your whole pinterest board helps me visualize your wedding so I can give you my personalized recommendations regarding your hair and makeup. Don’t be shy and share your ideas with me.

If you already know exactly what you want that’s amazing, I’ll follow your lead and make your vision come true. If you haven’t decided on a look yet, don’t panic, I’m here to help and happy to try different styles on you.

Bring your veil and hair piece if you already have one

If you picked the dress, you probably have the veil as well. Please bring it with you for your makeup and hair appointment so I can see what’s the best way to secure it. Same thing with the hairpiece if you have one, we can play around and see what it looks like with your dream updo or soft waves.

Wear a white top for your trial

Such simple advice, but it helps so much! You get the best idea of how you’re going to look on your big day when you have your makeup and hair done and you also wear a cute white cami or lacey top. It’ll give you the bride chills.

Prepare your skin and hair

Having a simple, every day skincare routine is always the best! I don’t need you to do anything special for your trial. I only need your face cleaned and moisturized, no makeup please. I’ll also clean your face with gentle micellar water and prep your skin with the right products before the makeup application. Same with hair, nothing extraordinary before the trial, please don’t deep condition the night before the appointment, just wash, condition and blowdry it.

Hope this was helpful, can’t wait to meet you on your trial! If you haven’t read my post about what happens at my makeup and hair trial, please check it.