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I'm Henrietta, a professional makeup artist and hair stylist, a crazy cat lady and a ramen lover. Doing your bridal look is my main passion, love the wedding vibes, the getting ready process, and the excitement in the air on the big day. I want to take the stress off of you so can lean back and enjoy yourself. Doing your timeless, elegant hairstyle and makeup is my top priority, but if you need a cup of tea or an extra pair of hands with your dress, I got you!

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MY GOAL is to show you the best, most polished version of yourself for any type of event. Makeup in my opinion is nothing, but confidence in tiny bottles, palettes and tubes. I believe in quality products, smart layering, and the right, skillful placement.

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My Present

I finished my makeup studies at Vision Makeup School at Budapest, in the heart of Europe. Watching and assisting my amazing mentor (Karolina Árpa) from day one gave me insight into all areas of makeup. During the 9 month Global course I had the chance to work with talented photographers, models, and other professionals in the beauty industry. I quickly realized weddings have a special place in my heart and I try to embrace that as much as I can.

I'm trained to do any type of makeup, but my most requested look is NATURAL GLAM. Nothing can beat flawless skin, soft smokey eyes with the right choice of nude lipstick. My style is elegant, polished and timeless. I always make sure your makeup and hair is in balance and pay attention even to the smallest details. I don't want to hide you behind the makeup, I want to emphasize your natural beauty and make sure you don't just look your best but also FEEL your best.

I moved to Beautiful British Columbia in 2018 and started building my own little business. Now I live in Surrey, BC with the love of my life, Barni and our 2 cats Happy and Mojo. Moving to a new country wasn't easy, but I'm passionate about my career and love learning new skills. I took courses from the award winning artist, Jayna Marie. She made me fall in love with bridal hairstyling and opened new doors. Thanks to her I got into the colourful word of South Asian weddings.

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